Rimfrost på myra



6 tanker om “Rimfrost på myra

  1. What a lovely picturesque, glowing perspective you have captured with your camera here. The frozen water combined with almost a sort of eerie glowing sunset contrasts the stark and luminous period of the dark period (the time when the sun never sets), must make it a truly welcoming sight for those of you who live under such fantastic conditions. Truly it must feel refreshing, or sort of overwhelming to catch such a glance after such a long period of almost total darkness.

    If you feel like this description is somewhat difficult to read, I can assure you that after some time you will eventually become accustomed to it – if your patience persists. Persistence is a virtue they say.

    To further kick your bottoms firmly with my second-language skills, I will progress further on with more elaborate sentences in the future so as to indirectly «drive» your own abilities onwards. I can recommend the Oxford Concise Dictionary if you find words that have no meaning to you – advancing in language often requires this of you to increase (or rather expand) your ever growing vocabulary.

    Best wishes from your son who likes to pull your leg now and then

  2. I must say you’re really taking your time responding on this so-called blog of yours… If you need help in any interpretation of this text please, don’t hesitate calling or contacting me via the necessary means as you see fit!

  3. Man ska ta den tida man treng, min sønn. Ikke lurt å forhaste sæ.
    Eller som han sa tyskerten:
    «An auf hinter im ûber unter vor swishen!»
    Tenke dèn satt!

  4. Mein herr, das ist nicht deutch! Zu bist ein sauerkraut!

    tegnet du har valg å inkludere over den ene «u» er faktisk veldig sjelden brukt i tysk, men derimot kan den observeres i bl.a. tyrkisk

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